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About the Breed

The Highland Lynx (REFR registration) was developed in 1995 by breeding the Jungle Curl and the Desert Lynx breeds. The Timberline Cattery worked to refine the breed and registered for the first time with TICA, one of the largest registries in the world, for competition in 2008 as the Highlander which has better defined characteristics for the breed.

These sweethearts are strong, muscular cats and grow larger than average. You can expect your female to grow anywhere between 10-14lbs with males weighing between 15-20lbs.

Although the breed looks like a wild cat, they are very domestic and love your attention. They are affectionate, will play fetch and love water. They can be taught a wide variety of tricks very quickly.

Have you ever thought of potty training your cat? Because these cats are highly intelligent, this is a possibility. Ask us about how we potty trained King Oliver.

There are no known health issues with the breed, but they should not be exposed to the anesthetic ketamine as this can cause blindness. Their ears should be kept clean, but know that their ear wax is naturally dark in color and should not be confused with an ear infection. Toenails should be trimmed monthly and started at a young age. For more information, check out the wikipedia page here.